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An IRS Tax Attorney in Illinois that You Can Count On

There are many IRS tax lawyers in Illinois who offer their expertise on all kinds of tax issues. Dedicated Len Stauffenger, Esq., is one of the most committed attorneys who can help businesses achieve tax relief. Whether you are looking to have a federal tax lien lifted or you want to prevent IRS wage garnishment, he can provide you with the proper assistance.

Millions of people are faced with various types of IRS problems but do not have enough knowledge to do something about it. With the increasing number of federal tax liens and IRS levies being sent out to taxpayers, it is important to be represented by an IRS tax attorney Illinois business owners and individuals have found to be effective and reliable, someone like Attorney Stauffenger.

The Right Way to Solve Your Tax Problem

Atty. Stauffenger is one of the most respected IRS tax lawyers Illinois has to offer and has been following a process that has helped his clients solve their tax problems. The process is as follows:

  • Obtaining IRS Transcripts – The first step in getting rid of a tax problem is to get a copy of your IRS record to determine when the statute of limitations on your tax debt expires and how much of your debt comes from penalties (which can be eliminated through Penalty Abatement).
  • Financial Information – The next step would be to determine your financial situation, which is what the IRS will look at before anything else. Knowing your monthly income and average monthly expenses, as well as all your assets is necessary.
  • Case Assessment – After all the necessary information has been gathered and assessed, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of your current financial situation and presented with multiple strategies to remedy the issue.
  • Choosing the Best Option – The next step would be to go over the given options and choose one that best solves the problem at hand. Atty. Stauffenger will discuss the advantages of each strategy with you and by the end of the discussion you should have a detailed game plan to resolve your specific IRS problem.

Don’t let your tax debt get out of hand. Discuss how you can alleviate liens and get your business back on track with the IRS tax attorney Illinois residents have counted on to achieve tax relief – Len Stauffenger, Esq. Call (888) 582-4989 today to set up an initial consultation.